Course Content

Principles of magnetism;
magnetic fields;
permeability and reluctance;
lines of force, methods of testing, viewing conditions, detecting media; interpretation and evaluation, acceptance levels; demagnetisation; practical exercises; methods of assessing sensitivity, reporting; instruction writing.

Course Duration : 5 days

Level I course outline

  • To explain the basic principles of magnetic particle inspection methods
  • To carry out magnetic particle inspection
  • To write clear and concise inspection instructions and test reports
  • To meet syllabus requirements for PCN Level 2


Course Content

Welding processes and weld defects; properties of X- and gamma-rays; sensitometry; film selection; film processing and spurious indications; factors controlling contrast and definition; X- and gamma-ray equipment; ionising radiation hazards; regulations; use of screens and filters; selection of angle of aspect; image quality indicators; defect depth location; castings; reporting.

Training & Certification Course in NDT:

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